with a global perspective

TRANSLOCK IT is a top-notch advanced technology consulting firm highly specialized in the development of IT Services, AI Services, computer software solutions and customized mobile applications.

Our goal is to actively participate in the business success of our clients, to thoroughly understand their technology needs and to always provide them with a key value in the development of innovative products and services, the management and support of their operations, and a better understanding of their projects.

Our nature is to develop services and bespoke/taylor made IT software solutions to proactively help our clients in their business operations, technologies and better understanding of their projects. In order to achieve this goal our IT services include the consultancy, remote server monitoring and both on and off site IT management.

With a skilled team of developers and partners, TRANSLOCK IT is 100% focused on delivering highly efficient IT consultancy and software solutions which enable our clients to achieve their critical business objectives anywhere they go.