Employee Transportation Solutions (ETS) 

ETS technologies allows our clients to achieve greater employee safety, improved satisfaction and a considerable reduction in their average transportation costs. This softwares provides our customers with a comprehensive compliance, Real Time monitoring of their fleets and drivers and intelligent routing tools in order to solve every problem related to the often unorganized & inefficient employee transportation processes.

AI for accident and car damage claims 

We offer disruptive Artificial Intelligence technologies for Car Rental and Insurance companies that helps them calculate damage estimates in real time, helping them saving costs and offering their client portfolio a powerful tool driven to improve their experience and efficiency.

Translock IT Bespoke (TITB) 

With a special focus in commercial fleets and urban/interurban transportation companies, our technologies help our clients obtaining greater efficiency and control over their businesses. Together with our engineers & partners we are able to develop taylor made algorithmic technologies and softwares with the aim of consolidating and analyzing the entire spectrum of possible variables in a fleet (API’s, Real-Time tech, Schedulings, etc), achieving great savings and a much higher business control.

Employee/Managing Network Design 

We develop, design and install business professional networks allowing employees and/or managers to efficiently share data with one another or in a multiple base.

Cyber Security 

IT Ciber Security Systems are key for any corporation in order to keep the integrity of their data and privacy. In this regards, our team provides different made to measure disruptive solutions driven to protect the integrity of networks, data or any program from any external attack. Our technologies can prevent, detect and stop violations of IT security policies, malware or suspicious modifications to our client’s networks and systems.

Car Rental Solutions 

This technology is a registered product that provides niche class technologies for car rental operators in order to make them more efficient and save costs in the digital marketplace. Our technologies help customers in all aspects involving vehicle management, monitoring performances of drivers in real time and managing multiple trip types, all of it driven to obtain a better control and cost-saving operation.

School Transportation 

Translock IT provides School Transport Operators and Schools with an efficient and intuitive platform that helps them managing and tracking transport fleets and students through an advanced technological network. The technology is made up of several solutions that interconnect in real-time with each other and work together to provide an extraordinary experience.

Freight Transportation 

Our ITS technologies (Intelligent Transport Systems), addressed to land transportation operators, help our clients in everything related to an efficient management and control of their truck fleets through a series of advanced geolocation Cloud and technological systems driven to offer a higher vehicle, parcel and employee management efficiency, by planning routes, tracking parcels and offering an excellent service to the final clients.

Transport Fleet Consultancy 

Our wide experience in the urban, interurban and parcel transportation sectors allow us to offer the fleet operators a range of consultancy services which are destinated to an optimal selection, negotiation and decisión making in what relates to their fleet acquisitions. We negotiate at a global level with the main players in the vehicle manufacturing industry and we offer post sale services helping our clients obtaining a more efficient management of their costs.

Custom Made Software and IT Development

We offer a highly experienced team of developers focused on helping our clients with the development of custom software, technologies and Mobile Apps. As developers of our own products and Mobile Apps, we understand very well the complexity and challenges that our clients face when trying to transform their ideas into reality, as well as the need to reduce costs and gain efficiency in their projects without sacrificing the required quality standards.

We offer first-class services in the following areas:

  • Full development of Mobile Apps (Android, IOS, Native and Apache Cordova)

  • Mobile and web development.

  • .NET, Java, JavaScript and PHP

  • Cloud Computing

  • Development of tailor-made softwares.

  • Consulting and E-Commerce